Saturday, October 29, 2011

Terra Firma Q's

How lovely are your curves, 
How is it that you spin so freely?
Do the poles meet somewhere in space?
How old are your craggs?
How many times have you turned?
How do you stay current?
How do I clean you effectively and heal your scars?
How much did you cost?
How are the mice?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Henge your Bets!

I have only been to Stone Henge the once and it was not on the solstice or equinox, in fact I remember it being an extremely cold, any and gray day but I did get to touch the stones and run around them, all in the days when you still could without paying a fortune to get up close or use your binoculers!

Festivals are a joyful occasion and some of my favourites are those that are shall we say, a bit off the beaten track...Images of strength and comfort comes with Michealmas, repentance and a new start with a new year ( 5772) Rosh Hashannah and of course the darkening days bring many other fasts and feasts that bring inner wisdom to the light within. Introspection, courage and resolution are all factors in these wonderful festivals...and I like to celebrate all!!

Have a joyful New Year, a courageous light filled Michaelmas, and a bountiful harvest!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Phoenix Camp 2011

Truly wonderous papier mache vessels that hold water
The last couple of weeks for me, can surely be summed up with copious arty fun, coupled with lots of laughter! To all the children and their families who came to share some of their summer time with me, thank you!

from left to right - names are in code!
Sista Gold, Donovan Boy, Rusty Jay, King Ate, Little Gandalf & Stinky Pinky! ( she named herself!)
Here are some pics that highlight some of the days of morning nature walks and games, art projects ( some goopier than others) and swimming fun in the pool!

Wet-felted treasure purses were a hit with both genders, lots of physical effort over two days!
The dye pot's coming out soon and I'm excited to try our some new dye from Eugene and harvest some from my garden!! Whilst getting ready for the upcoming season of making and selling various items for fundraising, it's of course now that I remember to get out the sewing machine and finish a huge notice board fabric picture for the start of school (argh!) and as I look out for inspiring vision, the new workshop schedule will form and be posted in the next couple of weeks!! Some offers will be Free-scape sculpting and goddess dollmaking for sure, but possibly wet felted story tapestries, cornucopia felting and more in the coming months!

Stay abreast with my fiber art news, offers and schedules here -

The childrens' weaving skills and passion really showed their personalities!

Monday, August 1, 2011


My dear Little Gandalf, with his long locks lightened by the sun, was worried about spending his 9th birthday away from his home, upon reflection he thoroughly enjoyed the long day's journey from Mammoth to Santa Cruz, full of surprises, whimsical lakes to sit in and high (9900ft) hiking experiences with magical rainbows to gaze in wonder, in the delights of the Yosemite Forest.

The ancients associated the number Nine with the goddess or female aspects of divinity. In modern times, we've come to associate this number with the unconscious. In our life experience, the Nine is like a regulator, helping us to process any discrepancies between the seven and eight. Sometimes the nine will pull us toward the seven, where experience becomes the guiding force. At other times, it will pull us toward the “figuring-it-out” process of the eight. Because of this, the nine can be seen as the interface between the inner and outer self.

Planetary Aspect: The Moon. Color: Violet.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Upon reaching the grand and magical age of 12, dear Donovan Boy shared his birthday with kindness, wisdom and an astounding amount of composure and maturity! We had a huge discussion about the number 12 and it's impact across the ages in so many areas, here are some gathered points to think about and there are of course so many more... please feel free to add!!
A birthday list for my geeky family....
  1. The average human has twelve cranial nerves
  2. Force 12 corresponds to the maximum wind speed of a hurricane.
  3. The 12th moon of Jupiter is Lysithea
  4. The chief Norse god,Odin, had 12 sons
  5. King Arthur Legends are full of 12's! Round table knights, Arthur is said to have subdued 12 rebel princes and to have won 12 great battles against Saxon invaders.
  6. twelve apostles
  7. 12 days of Christmas
  8. 12 Petals in Anahata (Heart Chakra).
  9. The basic units of time (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours) can all perfectly divide by twelve
  10. Western zodiac has twelve signs
  11. twelve months
  12. 12 dozen = gross
  13. In ten pin bowling, 12 is the number of strikes needed for a perfect game.
  14. The number of keys in any standard digital telephone (1 through 9, 0, * and #)
  15. Epic poems The Aeneid by Virgil is divided into two halves composed of twelve books.
  16. Another epic poem, Paradise Lost by John Milton is divided into twelve books
  17. The twelfth is the interval of an octave and a fifth.
  18. 12 is the number of studio albums the band The Beatles released.
  19. In English, twelve is the number of greatest magnitude that has just one syllable.
  20. twelve pairs of ribs ( usually)
  21. Twelve people have walked on the Moon.
  22. The USA is divided into twelve Federal Reserve Districts
  23. 12 inches in a foot
  24. 12 face cards in a card deck.
  25. Twelve Olympians from Greek Mythology

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Up and Away..

It's been a fair while since I've been here or even to think about writing something vaguely interesting. Now that the final weeks of teaching work and the boys' school is done for Summer, I can slow down a tiny bit and start to really focus again! Having spent endless hours pondering those ultra interesting projects: like building a new trellis in the garden; or starting a new compost heap; maybe attacking the beast of torn fabric and clothing that needs some loving; or boringly filing all the paperwork/bills that are stuffed into a drawer, or possibly embarking on some new fiber art project that is only in a dream state!? Yes, that's my dilemma today - now faced with a number of hours alone (as the rest of the family are playing golf)) these frightfully interesting projects wane and waft away as I organise files on the computer, download updates..... and now overwhelmingly I feel that taking a nap may be in my best interests after all!

Happy June Gloom from not so sunny California!

a small prize to who can guess where I've been by these pics?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love = Life

We all have wishes, wants, desires, needs - but what about those intangible things that make you smile and just plain feel good? Mostly inspirational, all are based in love and beauty

Here I am taking a moment in the day to remember what makes me happy and appreciate a few simple pleasures that life is all about for me! In no particular order, but all equally in the number one position:

Fresh running water in a babbling brook
Spring blooms in rainbow hues
The songs of the early morning birds
Wafting children laughter
The swaying leaves in lofty trees
The smell of good earth ready for planting

Indian Rose oil and Orange blossom together
Free time to paint and create
Staying for the sunset after a day at the beach
Dreaming of lost souls
Chasing clouds and adventure

Healthy children in mind and spirit
Experiencing true love
Dancing in freedom
Great live music
Indian swoony spices!
A road less travelled
Sculpting in wool
Bathing in colour

Thursday, March 17, 2011


hard to see the scale but this is about a foot high and nearly 4 feet wide Winter scape

I am by nature pretty impatient, I have learnt more about this curious trait over the years from my children and more recently through my work in school, however I cannot be relied on to wait when I'm eager to share...

In the past few months after inviting a dear and talented friend, Scissor Girl, with me to create some fabulous 'Freescapes' or playscapes that will be featured in a book due out hopefully next year. This one is our current winter offering and is far from finished, but I am quite pleased with how it's coming along. We started with an adapted Spring scape, but will return to that one soon for updating and developing in the season, and others will be created to encapsulate Summer and Autumn. Hopefully these scapes will inspire and lead the reader/artist into a world reflective of their inner self and qualities.

I am feeling drawn to creating some scapes that mirror some of the lost beauty of the world that is not always experienced in person, maybe I'll have to travel more to gather my inspirations but that wouldn't be so bad either!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Marching on...

The Romans made March ( a favourite thing to do) the first month of the year in their calendar. Both Ovid and Plutarch said that Martius, was named after Mars, the Roman god of war. Indeed, it often is a month of firsts—the first daffodil, robin, earthworm, skunk, cabbage.

Spring itself starts with the vernal equinox on March 20 this year ( My 14th wedding anniversary is on the 21st!)

This beautiful wet felted wall hanging was made with healing love by the students in Donovan Boy's 5th grade earlier this year.
Apart from being notoriously temperamental weather-wise. According to weather proverbs:
If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.
If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wake up sleepy

I've been quietly busy taking some online course to support my Waldorf teacher training and development as a human and this surprised me this morning as I was studying. A glimpse into the universe through this woman's experience mirrors so many ideas of others that came before her including Rudolf Steiner. Worth sharing, get a tissue.

It's about 18 mins long but worth watching I promise....a wake up to the 'reality' of life.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weather anyone?

Not if Groundhog Phil is on the nose this year it seems with the prediction of an early Spring around the corner, maybe more of an up and down a few blocks and a train ride away?! With horrendous storms brewing and colder weather snaps all over the US, one can only presume Phil had a snifter before popping out? Even here in sunny California, where truly we cannot complain about any smattering of awful weather that may flounce around for a few days, I've even had to wheel the old radiator out in the evening, gather my bedsocks and nightcap, and wish we had an open fireplace and some actual reason for doing all this!!

Of course I'm going to talk about the weather today of all days because it's always polite and easy to start a conversation this way, but more importantly today is the festival of Candlemas, also known as Imbolc. The ancient Celtic goddess Brigid was honored on this day, and even after she was absorbed into the Church as St. Brigid, celebrations for her changed very little from their Pagan roots.

The name "Imbolc" has it’s name derived from the Gaelic “oimele” which means “ewes milk.” This major Sabbat lies opposite Lammas, and represents the very beginning of spring. This festival is for the Maiden, her renewal and has strong roots with the festivals for the Irish goddess Brigid. The name “Candlemas” is from the adaptations of rites for the Virgin Mary that the European churches held at the same time of year.

I didn't check but I also think it's the exact halfway point in the year between the Winter solstice and the Spring Equinox, making it one of the four cross-quarter days. Special, right?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A year to remember it seems, 2011, 4708, 5771-2 if you are really counting.....we embarked upon another Andy Goldsworthy inspired hike, into the Temescal mountains once again with some eager friends and left behind some whimsy building projects and took home some poison oak rash apparently...poor little Gandalf is as miserable as can be, dipped with calamine and doped with antihistamine..

Major holidays ( not exhaustive) and some useless facts...
January - 7th Orthodox Christmas and our Wassail party!!!
February -1st Imbolc a cross quarter day. 3rd Chinese New year
March - 9th Ash weds, 21st Vernal equinox & Persian New Year
April 1st - Space Shuttle's last scheduled flight, 18th Passover, 24th Easter
May- 1st, cross quarter day Beltane,
June - 7th Shavuot
July - 10th Neptune completes it's first full orbit since discovery in 1846!
August - 1st Lammas, cross quarter day
September - 23rd Mabon, Autumnal equinox, 28th Rosh Hashanna
October - 7th Yom Kippur, 26th Diwali
November - 26 Islamic New year
December - 20 Chanukah, Christmas, 31st - All US troops scheduled to leave Iraq!