Sunday, June 12, 2011

Up and Away..

It's been a fair while since I've been here or even to think about writing something vaguely interesting. Now that the final weeks of teaching work and the boys' school is done for Summer, I can slow down a tiny bit and start to really focus again! Having spent endless hours pondering those ultra interesting projects: like building a new trellis in the garden; or starting a new compost heap; maybe attacking the beast of torn fabric and clothing that needs some loving; or boringly filing all the paperwork/bills that are stuffed into a drawer, or possibly embarking on some new fiber art project that is only in a dream state!? Yes, that's my dilemma today - now faced with a number of hours alone (as the rest of the family are playing golf)) these frightfully interesting projects wane and waft away as I organise files on the computer, download updates..... and now overwhelmingly I feel that taking a nap may be in my best interests after all!

Happy June Gloom from not so sunny California!

a small prize to who can guess where I've been by these pics?