Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Magic and Myths

The moon tonight will be the farthest and smallest of the year, but only those close to the ocean will notice the weak pull upon the tide. In preparation for this years astoundingly beautiful curriculum of geometry, Ancient civilizations and botany, we are drawn into the mythology once more of India, Babylonia, Egypt and of course Greece. I spent much of my childhood exploring various greek islands, and can see than an immersion of food, culture and stories will bring an important year of learning to the ever growing fount of knowledge - Donovan Boy!

The magic is already built in!!

All this while Little Gandalf will delve deeply into his fables, animal myths and a large quotient of knitting I suspect! In the meantime, off we go for one more short family excursion, this time to the farthest south of California, and after the recent return from the mountain top of Big Bear, we are happy to have breath to do so!

Ray of Light, always seems to find the prefect spot
( my photo shoot area this time)

Summer is finally here and I haven't had a single Margarita yet! The legs may even see a light shade of brown before I'm done, I may even finish the trashy vamp book :-), snooze outdoors in the middle of the day and possibly, just maybe, not answer the phone for a few days!
Happy Day!

some of my favourite summer colours - in the dye pot of course!!

I proudly managed to get into trouble for this lovely array of silk hanging on my balcony!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Planes and Cranes

The beautiful work from the Planes and cranes day to the wet felted
treasure pouches completed today...tomorrow, the volcano erupts!

For want of a better term, I've been MIA since mid June only resurfacing from teacher training for a quick birthday trip to the much improved L.A. Zoo and for the children of this years' Phoenix Academy Summer Camp, who have marvelled at the art work they have done this week and they never cease to amaze me!

"It's not poison - it's a vegetable." Overheard at the snack table...

I am too knackered to really write a bevy of fantastical stories about my observations this week, but will do as soon as time allows! Rather I wanted to share a slice of life for us over the past couple of weeks in picture format. I do have some recipes brewing, some gardening exploits and I haven't even shared the illustrious work of some talented felters from a recent fantasy playscape class either. After the fast approaching California Homeschool Expo this weekend, where I am tasked with speaking about Waldorf education in the home, I will have more stories to share and hopefully some pics too, that don't embarrass me too much!

Ah! The out breath of Summer shines on everyone it seems.

best way to keep cool in the midday sun, munch on cactus leaves?

Just loved this shot from the zoo,
doing what he does best.