Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love = Life

We all have wishes, wants, desires, needs - but what about those intangible things that make you smile and just plain feel good? Mostly inspirational, all are based in love and beauty

Here I am taking a moment in the day to remember what makes me happy and appreciate a few simple pleasures that life is all about for me! In no particular order, but all equally in the number one position:

Fresh running water in a babbling brook
Spring blooms in rainbow hues
The songs of the early morning birds
Wafting children laughter
The swaying leaves in lofty trees
The smell of good earth ready for planting

Indian Rose oil and Orange blossom together
Free time to paint and create
Staying for the sunset after a day at the beach
Dreaming of lost souls
Chasing clouds and adventure

Healthy children in mind and spirit
Experiencing true love
Dancing in freedom
Great live music
Indian swoony spices!
A road less travelled
Sculpting in wool
Bathing in colour