Monday, July 29, 2013

11th Hour!

Dear Little Gandalf,

You will always remain youthful to me, your flowing locks may grey in time, and wisdom may well imbue your being in the far future, but for now, you remain my little boy. In true joy I watch you grow strong, explore your expanding world, and find your inner self! You make us laugh out loud everyday and sometimes we can't help but exclaim unrepeatable words.... but we love you forever and today we remember the special day that is your birth day.

Happy Birthday, now you are 11

Monday, July 22, 2013

And another one gone...

Archetype Mother's Mantle
 So another one bites the dust...a year that is, since the last time Donovan Boy and I snuggled up on the eve of his birthday to hear yet another telling (14) of the story of his arrival! Not really the same ethereal story we tell in the Waldorf kinder/nursery, but more a re-telling of wonderment, surprise and memories of before during and after his birth. It's amazing how many times I tell it, it's never dull or even the same parts that are highlighted, so maybe over the years, he will get a fuller picture from the snippets mustered and magically the story becomes a living reality!

I am now just writing the birthday story I will use in this years' Daisy nursery and I can picture the children's faces as we weave the wistful pictures of guardian angels, heavenly children visiting the Sun, moon and planets whilst waiting to find their perfect Mama's and Papa's on earth. Believe it or no, it doesn't matter, because they know the truth of it and the story speaks to their hearts in love and comfort - who can argue with that philosophy?
Crazy Cupcake Cake blazing for 14th
So many birthdays to celebrate and first to note is Montgomery Felix ( not a code name!) my dear little nephew so far away and still with some hurdles to overcome, but I'm sure his journey will be filled with love, hope, comfort and many joys - can't wait to hold you Monty!!

Secondly and just as important are the birthdays of elders. Let's not forget the fact that they too will enjoy the fruits of your labours if given the chance ( spending time with grand kids/parents). Dear AnnieMac will be having her umpteenth this weekend, and yes - we will eat cake on her behalf!

Lastly, Little Gandalf will get his own post about the upcoming beach bash to bring him into elevenses fully and yet another birthday story is forming....

A surprise addition to our Summer nature table....truly interactive!
late notice: Happy Birthday Royal Boy Baby, we are betting on James Philip being some names to choose from..... update* so I guess we lost the bet!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Not just a Sunday

Mothers Day. Some years I dread it, others I try to ignore it altogether ( UK version is in March), but this one feels different. I cannot call her, see her, smell her or touch her anymore, however I will choose to honour her, remember her, forgive her and love her. Shirley Anne Morris gave me many lovely childhood memories, was horrible at telling jokes, but always made us laugh with her  willingness to act out, sing too loudly in the car and pull silly faces. She gave me life against many odds, kept me safe and loved me when it was hard to do so, thank you Mum.

I am happy to light a memorial candle for you Mum and day dream about the happy days and maybe this year I will be able to see your face, smell your skin, hear your voice and remember your touch through my dreams and inner quiet.

That will be a Mothers Day gift indeed.

Mum and Quinn in the garden 197 something....

Happy after Rossi's faces!

Donovan Boy and Phoenix dance at the Temple Bar

Little Gandalf and Phoenix in Topanga
May Faire pic for Mum by Muppes

Friday, March 22, 2013

Egging on Spring

Spring has truly sprung around here, the outside window tree is filling in with fresh green leaves; the chattering squirrels are chasing and fighting over mates, the hummingbird nests are brimming with tiny eggs whilst  Pesach and Easter are upon us all of a sudden!!

As a family who love to celebrate everything, we are excited about spending some Spring break time doing a small home camp with egg related activities galore!

From wood worked painted eggs and swords to home made bath balls and easter bread, we hope our egg-stravanganza of spring will be felt by all who attend!

Felted 3d scene Spring 2009

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Past or Present?

Now that my body has struggled out of the ashes of boring sickness, ( you too eh?) I am now starting to feel that Spring is on it's way and mustering what energies I have budding, I had hoped by now that my artistic muses were back in full reflective force...but what the hey? I am having a hard time getting my brain around the deluge of fear based images, false fame via various routes of electronic media and balancing the rising costs of basic living. Sure I know, I'm getting older, this is not my time, cliche cliche etc etc. but, I am a mother, I teach children and it's part of my job to know the world. This time is mine too and I am not one to rest in the past too much or think it better in some way;  things change, look forward to what is new, innovative and useful. There is certainly plenty that's yet to be discovered.

Increasingly drawn to deeper more meaningful experiences, or a wish to leave behind all that does not generally benefit the good (this is for sure my age talking). Sure we all need to make money, but do we need to really share all our mundane moments online? Yet here I am doing just that, blogging, without anything truly to say, but who reads it anyway? Is this more like a diary that gets discovered by someone and reads it anyhow? Is this the moment of secret sharing that goads the guilt experience?

Little Gandalf (sings) and Donovan Boy (guitar) at Rockband 2012
Back to shallow sharing.....Donovan Boy will not stop....the 13 year old deep voice echos the once full sentence, now reduced to the one teenage word answer - ok or good; eating tons; reading in a locked room, but still sweet and happy, goodness knows how it all ends! Little Gandalf sings all day, feelstylin' he calls it, sometimes inspired, but mostly just finding a way to get the last word on everything! We continue to break many rules where we live, those we feel are useless and arbitary, more than one animal, larger tank than allowed ( for turtles) and more guests than allowed at the pool are some regular ones...oh yes there are many more!!

I am wanting to make some new felted art for a show in June, a school art show and possibility for a donation to a silent auction. The last one is hard for me, as I have had many pieces donated and sold for far less than I'm comfortable with, which devalues the work in the long run. Must write more on book......make things for book. List that never changes....maybe one day.

Winter mini scape 2013

wishing you a blessed day. Happy Birthday Mum, RIP