Saturday, August 20, 2011

Phoenix Camp 2011

Truly wonderous papier mache vessels that hold water
The last couple of weeks for me, can surely be summed up with copious arty fun, coupled with lots of laughter! To all the children and their families who came to share some of their summer time with me, thank you!

from left to right - names are in code!
Sista Gold, Donovan Boy, Rusty Jay, King Ate, Little Gandalf & Stinky Pinky! ( she named herself!)
Here are some pics that highlight some of the days of morning nature walks and games, art projects ( some goopier than others) and swimming fun in the pool!

Wet-felted treasure purses were a hit with both genders, lots of physical effort over two days!
The dye pot's coming out soon and I'm excited to try our some new dye from Eugene and harvest some from my garden!! Whilst getting ready for the upcoming season of making and selling various items for fundraising, it's of course now that I remember to get out the sewing machine and finish a huge notice board fabric picture for the start of school (argh!) and as I look out for inspiring vision, the new workshop schedule will form and be posted in the next couple of weeks!! Some offers will be Free-scape sculpting and goddess dollmaking for sure, but possibly wet felted story tapestries, cornucopia felting and more in the coming months!

Stay abreast with my fiber art news, offers and schedules here -

The childrens' weaving skills and passion really showed their personalities!

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