Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Henge your Bets!

I have only been to Stone Henge the once and it was not on the solstice or equinox, in fact I remember it being an extremely cold, any and gray day but I did get to touch the stones and run around them, all in the days when you still could without paying a fortune to get up close or use your binoculers!

Festivals are a joyful occasion and some of my favourites are those that are shall we say, a bit off the beaten track...Images of strength and comfort comes with Michealmas, repentance and a new start with a new year ( 5772) Rosh Hashannah and of course the darkening days bring many other fasts and feasts that bring inner wisdom to the light within. Introspection, courage and resolution are all factors in these wonderful festivals...and I like to celebrate all!!

Have a joyful New Year, a courageous light filled Michaelmas, and a bountiful harvest!