Monday, August 1, 2011


My dear Little Gandalf, with his long locks lightened by the sun, was worried about spending his 9th birthday away from his home, upon reflection he thoroughly enjoyed the long day's journey from Mammoth to Santa Cruz, full of surprises, whimsical lakes to sit in and high (9900ft) hiking experiences with magical rainbows to gaze in wonder, in the delights of the Yosemite Forest.

The ancients associated the number Nine with the goddess or female aspects of divinity. In modern times, we've come to associate this number with the unconscious. In our life experience, the Nine is like a regulator, helping us to process any discrepancies between the seven and eight. Sometimes the nine will pull us toward the seven, where experience becomes the guiding force. At other times, it will pull us toward the “figuring-it-out” process of the eight. Because of this, the nine can be seen as the interface between the inner and outer self.

Planetary Aspect: The Moon. Color: Violet.

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