Saturday, January 1, 2011


A year to remember it seems, 2011, 4708, 5771-2 if you are really counting.....we embarked upon another Andy Goldsworthy inspired hike, into the Temescal mountains once again with some eager friends and left behind some whimsy building projects and took home some poison oak rash apparently...poor little Gandalf is as miserable as can be, dipped with calamine and doped with antihistamine..

Major holidays ( not exhaustive) and some useless facts...
January - 7th Orthodox Christmas and our Wassail party!!!
February -1st Imbolc a cross quarter day. 3rd Chinese New year
March - 9th Ash weds, 21st Vernal equinox & Persian New Year
April 1st - Space Shuttle's last scheduled flight, 18th Passover, 24th Easter
May- 1st, cross quarter day Beltane,
June - 7th Shavuot
July - 10th Neptune completes it's first full orbit since discovery in 1846!
August - 1st Lammas, cross quarter day
September - 23rd Mabon, Autumnal equinox, 28th Rosh Hashanna
October - 7th Yom Kippur, 26th Diwali
November - 26 Islamic New year
December - 20 Chanukah, Christmas, 31st - All US troops scheduled to leave Iraq!

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