Friday, November 21, 2008

Going Dottee

..with a recent swap, um..not sent yet...of a snowy dottee and this week receiving my very own dottee doll kit from the (now almost famous) Dottee Doll mistress, down under Dot Christian, I'll probably give them to the boys for Chanukah and go mad making a bunch of others to show at WF08.
Thanks for the extra special kit Dot!

This and other projects have kept me from making what is actually on the darn list. Just dreaming up stuff whilst scrubbing the loo isn't cutting it!

This show will finance the bigger projects ( tabled earlier this year) so really I should get my noggin (which aches) and posterior in gear....what to do with pressie pics of fairies, trolls and what nots...of course. Post 'em and waste some more (laundry) time on the pretty computer...

Tomorrow is the Pasadena Elves Faire and the arrival of Grumpy who loves to fly in for his favourite "UK" holiday - Thanksgiving! Yep, it's amazing what a hot Glatt turkey stuffed with chestnuts and cranberries can do for foreign visitors! This means for me of course, half a birthday cake from m&S british treats, tea and branston pickle heaven! Thanks Pa.

Just trolling around...?

Pee wee Fairy pressie...

Matters of Whimsy

The Whimsy jar phenomenon is hitting swappers hard, but not in the pocket! It's a lovely way to share little bits of stuff you have, without breaking the bank. Just recycle an old jar - they range from a large mason type to as small as a baby food container - pretty it up with ribbon, paper or paint and fill it in all manner of ways.

Whilst I haven't made many, these whipped-up-whimsical-wonder-jars put a smile on our faces even through the coughing! They will go to the Snow Fairy Market which is basically a magical store only for children to find handmade presents for the holidays. I'm sure some eager, creative hands will find them, possibly even Little Gandalf and Donovan Boy!

Make one for a friend with surprises that are just special to them, anything goes as long as it fits into the jar! Or make a keepsakes jar for yourself or your child, to capture objects of a special trip or day out with pointers to a memory. Try mixing some fabric, or charms, magnets, ribbons, buttons, jewelry, trim, treats or even nature finds as every bit you stuff in can be as wonderful whimsy to the right receiver!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dreaming of Winter

The following are all considered traditional signs of a severe winter ahead:

Geese fly south at a high altitude.
Oak trees bear many acorns.
Chipmunks are abundant.
Lakes and rivers freeze later than usual.
Onions grow thicker skins than usual.
Squirrels are gathering a large supply of nuts.
Woodpeckers appear early.
Lots of berries.
Corn husks are thicker and stronger.

Whilst still a little ways off, the nature table seems to beg for a white winter soon, icy thrones for the King to visit, a Mrs Thaw or Jack Frost. Of course, just conjuring up the images of felted wonders doesn't get them made, neither does blogging about wishes of wonderment, so off I trot to get something ( anything) done...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bish bosh Beaver Bot- wot?

This post is for any swap-botters who may find themselves perusing through this site. Hallo & Happy Day!!! I do hope you enjoy your visit, add a comment and maybe look at some highlights. There may be a recipe or felting tutorial or even a mindless game. If you want to see my very silly 'other' blog click HERE or THERE.

From: the farmers Almanac:
Go outside and see the Full Beaver Moon tonight! This full Moon is a sign of freezing weather to come. For Algonquin tribes, it was a time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze to ensure a supply of warm winter furs.

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees No fruit, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! -- No-vember! —Thomas Hood (1799-1845)
Apparently, Thomas hadn't been to california...!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This song was written 3 years ago by Texas Tea/The Hairy One, so do you believe in prefigurative hope?

Was never meant as an endorsement actually but more of a challenge for change in everyone.
Did the O man see this yet? Pass it on if you like or find it on you tube to share....

History Lesson

Well, even if you didn't vote for him or can't vote in this country ( me) - you gotta hand it to the man. I'm pretty awed by the enormity of this election and of the value President Barack Obama will bring to America, being the first real multicultural representative.

Donovan Boy ( my eldest 9yro) was so inspired by this election to see and judge for himself who he may choose to vote for if he could. We chose only to share with him the history of the country, from the sordid to the proud moments, of the electoral process and how important each voice can be. He has been so excited and so stayed up late to see both great speeches and share in the woohoo's!

I believe in the process, I want to believe in change, I believe that everyone who loves life, loves freedom and this feels like a breath of fresh air to me.

Oh, and thanks for all the free stuff or discounts offered for voting today, from ice cream to coffee and yarn!