Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's on yours?

So with my Dad is cycling through France and Spain on his way to Lisbon, Portugal with a couple of his crazy buddies - not for charity, just because...I'm very impressed with his ability at 60 to still amaze me with his penchant for the ridiculous and am envious that he has the time now to do this crazy stuff.

It started me thinking about my Bucket List ( no reviews here) and what's on yours?
My list is hefty, long and not necessarily in order, so I may break it up over the course of the year...Some things I can tick off as I am my fathers daughter!

1. Visit as many countries as years you have lived - well that's getting harder and harder but I'm close!
2. Straddle the international dateline - yep done that!
3. Fill up my passport...mmm maybe if I get a short one....
4. Read the classics - all of them! Am working on this right now thanks to the no-namers...!
5. See the changing of the guard. Can't believe I haven't done this, I lived in London for years!
6. Go to the Olympic Games - may combine with the above...
7. Do a wine and artist tour of Italy - on the short list, where's the honeymoon, honey?
8. See a movie premiere - I live in La La land, what's the problem here?
9. Enjoy New York at Christmastime - tick!
10. Have an out of body experience - tick...I think!

More to come in the Summer....would love to know yours too...???

Monday, April 28, 2008

Felted fruit Tutorial

I remembered to take some pics of the clementines being made, I thought I'd share them here. I hope they are obvious in process. My only advice when felting fruit is to really try and imagine you are holding the fruit in your hands and will it into being! Is that too strange?

First make a smallish ball and flatten it a little with your hands, it should not be too felted yet. Add thin layers to stay in control of the shape and size. Then sew a small french knot with some green floss roughly into the middle and secure.

Add some lighter orange or warm yellow for the underneath highlight colour, then start layering on thin orange wool roving and secure with as many needle felt holes as you wish, it adds to the natural divets! Pay some attention to a real one if you can and keep playing the shape with your needle.

Finally I like to wet felt (hot soapy water and quick rub) the whole thing to give it some density and life. Viola!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth goodies

Happy Earth day to you (better late than never , right?) Today , I used a lovely birthday gift to twist, agonise (yes, uk sp.) to subject my body to kundalini yoga. The rewards, thankfully, are many or why else would you do this (so says guru)? Amazing euphoria, gong waves, meditating and chanting to keep you from feeling guilty about taking the time away from laundry/housework/kids stuff/bills/traffic etc etc.. kept me focused until my body passed out around 4pm! Just have to share some lovely goodies from all the wonderful talented and thoughtful girlies that came out to share my birthday brekkie too!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

40 years of Solitude

Today is my most awful birthday. It is a pink full moon. I saw a racoon fight about an hour ago (1am).

I love you Mum and miss you very much.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Skye II

Ha Ha, the sequel is here in the next slightly larger edition of The Rainbow Bridge birthday/nature doll.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who is Joe Blog?

Ridiculous question I know, but mildly amusing to me..sort of. Remember Joe Blog? Is there a Jane Blogouski? Joseph Bloggeroft? ;-) snigger...

Well, with all the fun stuff I've been creating (in my head and on paper mainly) I've lost track of what I am supposed to be doing for the book, 'Blossoms of Breena'. Doesn't work well with deadlines, rings true to my artist self, but frankly I'm a little stuck, as the story tells itself but the illustrative process is harder to relay. Nothing I make seems good enough yet, "for what?" you may well ask, and yes, that's the point isn't it!?
I dunno, maybe it's all about the process and I'm sorry you have to read about it instead of just seeing it...Here are some pretty pics I took recently in my garden to tide you over...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Luna Garden

At the new moon, the lunar gravity pulls water up, and causes the seeds to swell and burst. This factor, coupled with the increasing moonlight creates balanced root and leaf growth. This is the best time for planting above ground annual crops that produce their seeds outside the fruit. Examples are lettuce, spinach, celery, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and grain crops. Cucumbers like this phase also, even though they are an exception to that rule.

In the second quarter the gravitational pull is less, but the moonlight is strong, creating strong leaf growth. It is generally a good time for planting, especially two days before the full moon. The types of crops that prefer the second quarter are annuals that produce above ground, but their seeds form inside the fruit, such as beans, melons, peas, peppers, squash, and tomatoes. Mow lawns in the first or second quarter to increase growth.

After the full moon, as the moon wanes, the energy is drawing down. The gravitation pull is high, creating more moisture in the soil, but the moonlight is decreasing, putting energy into the roots. This is a favorable time for planting root crops, including beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, and peanuts. It is also good for perennials, biennials, bulbs and transplanting because of the active root growth. Pruning is best done in the third quarter, in the sign of Scorpio.

In the fourth quarter there is decreased gravitational pull and moonlight, and it is considered a resting period. This is also the best time to cultivate, harvest, transplant and prune. Mow lawns in the third or fourth quarter to retard growth.

I hope this is helpful to all your gardeners out there, I tried this for the last couple of years and have had enormous success with everything! Eat and be merry from your garden!