Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank goodness!

Over the river, and through the wood,
Now grandmother’s cap I spy!
Hurrah for the fun!
Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!

It's that special time of year where the holidays queue up to create chaos unless you are carefully pretending not to notice and go at your own pace! This can be very useful for people like me who have way too much on the plate to start with!

some lovely large play-silks in rainbow, ocean and sunset hues will appear for sale soon!
I know it's cheesy, but I thought a short list of thankful things may be fun to play with. I am going to provide lolly (Popsicle) sticks to scribble on and pop in a jar on our table this year, so we can randomly note those things we are truly thankful for. Little Gandalf recently underwent an appendectomy and few days after being home he conveyed his thanks to us for being healthy when we made him and that he was alive, his words not mine - I know. Life can be overwhelming unless you really take time to set aside that special family time, slow down for a moment and look around you; smell the air; hear a bird and touch something that enlivens your senses. Look no further, with Thanksgiving right around the corner you can sidle right up to this one and do all of the above, with the ones you love! Or just pretend to hibernate for the winter!

The OCS Winter Faire this year is coming soon, Dec 12th - 11am-4pm, and promises to be as magical as ever. I really do not have time to make all the lovelies I wish to, but nevertheless the dragonfly artisans will be there with bells on, ( yes really)! I would love to see some of you in person, so please stop by and say hello!!

Some recycled needle case can be found with felted animal fronts

an array of kits and whimsical fancies will be on display both at the faire and in the etsy shop

Wishing all the fiber-fans-waldorf-homeschool-gardeners out there a very lovely, healthy and happy holiday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hath 31, phew!

With the wind blowing, 20ft waves just a few days ago and a low of oh, maybe 58 F ( tee hee) we've really hit winter here in La La Land! So to help the seasonal mood, we use a little (a lot) of imagination! With Donovan Boy and Little Gandalf rolling their eyes, in the most good-natured way of course - I am constantly and quite excitedly pointing out that there is snow on those far off mountains! The fastest Queen Winter for school and a rather gentlemanly King Winter for a fellow teacher as a 12th night pressie came to visit to help things along!

Frosty King comes a knocking at Seeds of Joy!

Just had to share a quick pic of some lovely damp bark, recently 'collected' at Wilderness Park!

Rivers of bark - the first in a new collection!
Shall I make this into a felted illustration of the wonderful Norse legends of old?? Seems excessive but still it may be fun!

For those who don't celebrate 12th night , please do see last years' post about Wassail for all the deets!

New Moon tonight, the Jasmine is particulary strong at night and during a waxing moon...hmmm!
some unfinished Goldsworthyesque art left lying around in the forest.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wild and Wooly

Where are the wild things? At Otis Fine Arts college today for sure!!

I had the immense pleasure of guiding a workshop with some of the students and faculty, who were indeed wildly dedicated and talented in pursuit of a new wooly medium to play with! I hope to return next semester and help more students immerse themselves in the fluff and colour of the fiber art world.

Some creations are still being completed but I had to share some their lovely work thus far.

Fabulous Teddy complete with his own change of head...

Gargantuan squid in the making..

Cute steg still in the works

medicine woman with buffalo rug

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Switch Witch?

October certainly disappeared in a flurry of flu, chicken soup/probiotics and finally a sea of candy to boot! Luckily the Switch Witch came to save us from mounds of sugar and left in it's place a toy and a book for Donovan Boy and Little Gandalf! Did she get to you too, were you willing to give up your stash of goodies for something less edible?

I do hope everyone had a lovely month of splendid Autumn weather and festivities!

This little picture is something finished today that will be for sale on both Etsy and at the annual Winter Faire on Dec 12th, here will be lots more of goodies to see and buy from various artisans including The Dragonfly Artisans too! More on that later!

Needle felted Autumn Wool painting

Goulish glow in the dark skeleton readies for an evening of candy collecting..

I'm so sad, we lost the seeds to mold because I was too tired to roast them right away!
Lady Autumn was blown in on the blustery winds to deliver a whispered secret and gift from the forest, of acorn gnomies to the kinder kids. Will she turn up again soon elsewhere I wonder?

What a lovely pumpkin patch of work from the 2nd grade kids!!!