Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Cold Wind Doth Blow...

..and she shall have snow! Queen Winter!
Actually just a quickie fix-it on an old doll for school. Change of hair, boob job new dress and a couple of inches at the waist and presto! Donovan Boy sculpted a snowman too; but no Queen of Cold for our own! Will have to spend this eve whipping up another :-)

Rain Reigns!

What a perfect excuse to hole up in your cave, hunker down and turn up the heat! I love winter in La La Land! Perfectly angry skies can make way within minutes to exquisite rays of sun streaming through to create double rainbows. The soggy bog of wetlands are awash with activity and the burst of bellowing cloud formations are joyful to meditate on.

All that said, here I am, armed with a crazy sharp needle and felting like a mad woman. Upon the eve of finally deciding to go ahead and illustrate a children's book with a friend and my new found art form, I find myself making my own version of Kandinsky's, "Concentric Circles" just to see if I can. Funny to imagine it with depth, colour, movement and wool, but quite satisfying and hopefully a success! A dark and woolly "Starry Night" may follow just to be sure of technique.....
The Winter Queen is coming along and should be dressed to parade for the Kinders on Monday. The wellies are wet, garden veggies happy and the fine art brolly is winging it's way to me as I write. Enjoy the rain while it lasts, you may long for it when it is past and forgotten.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Art Heart

Something that is handcrafted with love, care and a little laughter will embody the makers spirit. This is shared with the child that plays with it, adding to the love. It is also an important lesson for a child to see that toys and dolls can be created. They understand the process and all the work that goes happily into every stitch. They see that it didn’t appear out of nowhere, or off a shelf from a store. When you give a child a doll whilst saying “I made this for you” it carries weight of meaning to the child and they will in turn create in their own world of imagination. What a gift!

I have always been an artist, I love to draw, paint, sculpt, dance, sing and play music (though not very accomplished at the latter). When I was introduced to working with fibre by a very talented friend I scoffed, “But I can’t even sew on a button!” It was true, I never had any interest to knit, crochet, embroider before, but then I’d never seen what could be done until I had my eyes opened to the Waldorf inspiration of soft dolls, natural elements to work with and the joy, beauty and warmth that characterizes each piece made.

I watched my Mum (also an artist at heart) marvel at my new found skills whilst making a doll for my son. I worked on the hair on my son’s doll the night she died, I could do nothing else and wanted it to be finished for her as well as for my son. She loved the feeling the warmth and softness of the doll and holding it to her heart.

I’m truly happy to work with my hands, I could spend hours listening to music provided mainly by the Hairy One, whilst sculpting wool (and sometimes do). Donovan Boy and Little Gandalf always enjoy the creations until they are ready for another home, which is usually something for school.

I spend my time dreaming up visions of three dimensional playscapes, cushion covers, bags, wall hangings and how to capture the perfect seasonal moment in a doll crafted with only a needle, wool and some art heart!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Magic Rocks

After watching a bunch of super cool land artists, we found this and wanted to share!