Thursday, March 17, 2011


hard to see the scale but this is about a foot high and nearly 4 feet wide Winter scape

I am by nature pretty impatient, I have learnt more about this curious trait over the years from my children and more recently through my work in school, however I cannot be relied on to wait when I'm eager to share...

In the past few months after inviting a dear and talented friend, Scissor Girl, with me to create some fabulous 'Freescapes' or playscapes that will be featured in a book due out hopefully next year. This one is our current winter offering and is far from finished, but I am quite pleased with how it's coming along. We started with an adapted Spring scape, but will return to that one soon for updating and developing in the season, and others will be created to encapsulate Summer and Autumn. Hopefully these scapes will inspire and lead the reader/artist into a world reflective of their inner self and qualities.

I am feeling drawn to creating some scapes that mirror some of the lost beauty of the world that is not always experienced in person, maybe I'll have to travel more to gather my inspirations but that wouldn't be so bad either!


Jzin said...

WOW! I am in awe with the beauty of your work! Incredible! I love it!

~Phaedra~ said...

Thank you, I truly hope to share this kind of work in an advanced felting book this year!