Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Colours in the Wind

Let me set the scene a little for you...trundling up Pacific Coast Highway yesterday morning, singing and laughing with Little Gandalf in tow, smiling our anticipation of a day in the woods with our friends. Accompanied by a stack of empty glass jars, one homemade quiche (a must from leftover blown easter eggs) a few plastic bins and some awesome dyes from Winterwood Toys.

We wove our way up and out of the foggy beach into the streaming sunshine of the smiling Topangan hills for two important reasons. First, to explore the pollywog phenomenon in the streams and possibly borrow a few to watch and secondly, to transform many pieces of silk both china and organza, into an array of rainbow colours for imaginative play purposes and fundraising for OCS. Children were in abundance from babe to teen, wanting to get inky in blue hues and orange stripes. Mission accomplished, we ate, drank lemonade and reluctantly returned to the murky depths of Playa cold Rey.
A return trip to gather said tadpoles (rude?) is imminent!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Craft, Art or food?

Who even minds, as long as it's fun right? I'm trying so hard not to churn and just 'produce' stuff for selling. However, the thrill of having other people like your stuff enough to actually buy it, is really quite addictive!

The collaborative effort of the Mama Made crafter guild was quite lovely at the Art is Smart, art auction last week and most successful for the Ocean Charter School! All but a few bowls with fruit were sold to admiring collectors, the actual art on the walls were quite fabulous (as was the vino) and thankfully the Hairy One didn't sign us up for a bidder number, last time that happened we bought a limited print Picasso sketch, but that's another story.....

So, "Still Life with Wood-pecker (great book btw) still and may be offered on Etsy or as Batty pointed out at adult stores near you soon or just lost in translation!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Goddess of Spring

With my favourite time of year literally budding all around me, the butterflies are showing up again already, my window tree has a lovely smattering of pale green leaves, the sun's warmth comes shining through the wind and clouds. Divine Happy Day!
I will be in my garden earth, planting and breathing!
I love the full moon and this one is so powerful and exciting, full of change and hope and inspiration. As the Hairy One and I celebrate our 11th year wed, we will make many coloured eggs to share with the littlest ones, feed a multitude with Jewish ham and dance and play Superstar on vinyl for Easter! Wearing green symbolises new growth within yourself and Nature, why not! If my eyes were not so tired, I'd post a picture of my green ones for you! Enjoy....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goodbye Gnome Sweet Knoll

Whilst the busy business of making wet felted "fake wood" bowls with the Crafty Ones for use as centerpieces at an upcoming art auction, a lady from MD snuck up to Phoenix420 at Etsy and promptly bought the mini lovely from Etsy! I was surprisingly excited about the sale, but Little Gandalf was most confused as to why we have to send it off to a complete stranger this morning. We packed it up with a little girl gnome plus a special gifty (wooden toadstool) first prize thing for being my 1st customer this year! Today, I'm too achy, sniffly and grouchy to possibly make anything lovely - but still pretty happy about the sale....Luna Exquistita, Nyx Naze, and another She Fell lagoon coming this space!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Actually, her name is Terra Firma, some of you may have already met her in process. She's all grown up and finished and so much fun to felt! 'Earth' will become one of the set of Elementals I am making. Maybe I'll grow some other tree lady types, a redwood or possibly a birch.

Observing the many kinds of trees sprouting buds, flowers and an assortment of shaded leaves at this time of year, is a wonderful and magical thing to behold. Rebirth.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


No.... not the UK band...just that March is here and onwards to the next project. Wet felted vessels that may ( or may not) resemble wood is a school project list for the Mama Made team. My first one is here...I don't like it much but it gives an idea of what wet felt by hand looks like. We will try a machine wash version this weekend and I'll post the results here!

They will be used as centerpieces for an art auction on March 21st (my 11th Wedding Anniversary!) hope there's something good to eat.......