Friday, August 28, 2009

Dippy Dippy

....from hell's heart, I stab at thee; for hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

Oops wrong 'dying' words, titter...however, upon some stretched pondering, I'm led to try and conclude that my constant stabbing (with felting needles silly) and spit - yes, every good tendril deserves a little, may have some meaning. Creating woolly rivers? Releasing stress? Thinking more clearly, or could it possibly be a half-decent excuse to listen to a few favourite albums really loud all the way through without being disturbed??????

Well, no hate or hell here, but it's a great quote anyway and both Moby Dick and Star Trek's Wrath of Khan rank somewhere high on the fav list that I will probably not share - ever. unless I'm feeling particularly dorky that day and think someone cares to see it.
rainbow drying...where's that gold?
Anyway, I've been painting more silky batches recently and desperately want to have more time and space to really play with it in a more meaningful way. I do envy those that get to play with colour on a regular basis and hope to really diversify this with some young-uns soon! Huh? Meaning, I will soon be starting work at Seeds of Joy helping guide children on their journey through kindergarten this year. My first out of home job for over 10 years, yelp! but O-man wants it that

dipping into the dye pots
Some of these unique silks may actually make it to the shop, but most will be given as gifts :-) I hope you like them. I'll be working for a few more days on getting nature table items and dolls made for 4th grade, 1st grade and kinder too, then it's onto some yummy custom work - DRAGONS!! Stay tuned.
summer selection almost gone but not forgotten

oceans blowing in the wind

Live long and prosper! sorry, resistance is useless.

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