Sunday, August 2, 2009


What a fun day!

I attended the California Homeschool Network Family expo today and had the honour of teaching a "Felting 101" class to some very enthusiastic parents and children. I want to thank each and every one of you who attended the class and made my day!

To Paper, thanks for inviting me to come and join in and to the many hands, heads and hearts in charge, I was so impressed with the slick running of everything!

I promised a quick-link resource list, as I know starting out in felting can be daunting to find the right supplies at the right cost...these are a few favourite places to get supplies, there are many more if you search around and experiment with your new found addiction as much as possible!!
I would love it if those who were there today would share some pics of creations with me anytime so then I'll feature home-school art work here later this year.

My shop of course ( giggle) among many others at!!

Lovely Susan from Weirdolls will hook you up with many lovely choices for wool and needles!

Fabulous wool batts hand painted by Abi - special lady!

Joggles online wool, yarn and needles

Felting tools and merino locks

Roving, fancy needles and fun

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