Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So how did it effect you? I know I've been 'off' feeling frustrated for no good reason. Very pretty and powerful moon. May have to go walkabout later on the beach...

Today August 5,2009 marks the full moon lunar eclipse at 13 degrees of Aquarius (rebellious humanitarian) exact at 8:55 pm est. This lunar eclipse from the Columbus, Ohio perspective will happen just after sunset with the moon just over the horizon. This unique (an Aquarian word) eclipse is the third in this series and the fifth this year. It is unique because eclipses commonly come in pairs, solar and lunar, but this Aquarian energy is flashing its unusual nature and bringing us a third eclipse, the second lunar eclipse this summer. Wisdom and inventiveness will reveal themselves through this energy in a cool and somewhat detached way, so pay attention as you 'think' through your feelings with this lunar eclipse.


Martha said...

You weren't kidding about the ants! They are coming into our house from all corners, finding crumbs in faraway cupboards. Grrrr. The little buggers (pun intended).

And, well, I too have been feeling "off" lately. Thanks for clarifying what perhaps has been going on in my little neck of the woods. :-)

~Phoenix~ said...

Hope you are feeling less 'off' now Martha! It's nearly spider time!