Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And a cup of tea for me!

'Instant family' by the gnomeschoolers,
thanks to Fiona Duthie for showing me this pattern to share this Summer!!

Whether you are in a traditional type school or are homeschooling, the end of the whimsy of Summer hits hard while the weather is still baking hot ( well here any way!) Sweltering in high degree heat isn't fun unless you are sipping iced tea ( or Pimms) by a pool or the like. Mixed with breathing difficulties and itchy skin comes the sad realisation that much of our lovely Los Angeles mountain regions burned away to a crisp, some areas hadn't burned in over 100 years, that's mind blowing to think that it will be generations before those gorgeous trees are re-established. You can be sure that my family and I will be planting new trees when the first opportunity arises!

cubby tree
As an English transplant, I'm fairly wilting in the heat, fighting off weeds that take advantage of my delicate nature and surprise surprise - busy as a bee. Always fun to do creative projects with friends, ranging from helping dye silks for a pre-school co-op, wet felting a huge wall hanging or teaching some parents how to whip up a woolly puppet in a flash is all wonderful fodder for this Phoenix!

the mega-hanging before felting..oh my poo old back!!!
Mark your calenders, Oct 3rd and 4th the Taos Wool festival in New Mexico and I'd love to see you there, register to join my workshop to create a goddess art doll sculpture and wander the delights of this gorgeous little town!

Little Gandlaf has lost so many teeth recently, these poor fairy pillows are nearly redundant!
check the shop....

Been too busy? Have a cuppa and a biscuit on me!

These lovely paintings became perfect backgrounds for a cursive writing alphabet for4th graders!

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Pam de Groot said...

I know how living with bush fires is. Up where we live it is a constant worry in the back of the psyche. It can change the landscape so dramatically and so quickly. There is hope in the new growth and a freshness to the new buds. Life will return to the wilderness.
The new work looks great too.