Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After a lovely lie in today, (thanks to the Hairy One whisking the kids out the door quietly), I may be recovered from last weeks' mad dash to the finish of getting ready for a festival! I forget how much work goes into these things but it was a lovely day at one of the most exquistite sites for a school I know! I met some lovely people, showed off my wares, said farewell to a few mermaid kits and a sad goodbye to the creatures and playscape! I'm still not good at actually letting the pieces go, but I have to keep myself in wool don't I?

Sunday saw the family trotting off to San Diego to play in the park - Balboa that is- and look at a quirky home in Jamul.....that we really liked, but that would be a big jump south..mmmmm...finally an exhausted family and a very grumpy Little Gandalf, later we were all back in exhaust filled L.A. with that familiar hacking cough that nobody's really sure of.

spectacular koi pond in Balboa Park - could I felt this?

what's this you may well ask? - it was my half birthday cake, which is actually half a christmas cake from Marks and Spencers' in england that my father very kindly buys at the only time they sell it ( about a week before Xmas) and then freezes it for me = and yep I ate it all up! ( the other half was eaten at Thanksgiving)

For those of you who are making Code Pink squares, it's nearly time to pop them in the mail, deadline to receive them is May 4th I think....just safety pin your name and city to each square and mail to: CODEPINK House, 712 5th Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 and watch what happens on Mothers Day outside the white house!

All in all, I wanted to say hello to any readers here, be blessed and don't be scared of swine flu, wash your hands, eat well and get enough rest, you deserve it.

can you spot the secret back exit in the cave?

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