Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Are you ready to plant, is your soil ready? How do you know? Easy, just grab a handful of soil and scrunch it together in a ball, if it stays in a ball, it's too wet, if it crumbles like and looks like chocolate cake, it's perfect for seeds or tansplants!!
Or a simpler...see those weeds growing in the garden - it's time to plant, everything's fertile!!

Monarch butterfly from the school garden
April comes from the Latin word aperio, meaning “to open or bud,” Spring festivals around the world, from Easter and Passover to Arbor Day, celebrate the season’s renewal of life. We like to celebrate everything around here, and April is one of my favourite months...not just because it's teeming with life in nature from wildflowers to birds and butterflies but it's also my own birth month - 420!! Calls for more chocolate cake of a different kind methinks!

last years' dyed eggs, this year we'll make our own dye

basking slider in wilderness park
We like to fly kites, hike, create nature art, make eggs, plant trees, peas and potatoes, what about you?

my favourite spring tree blooming in UK hometown on Sea


Anne said...

I love the Butterfly photo..

Amber said...

Oh such beautiful pics and such nice times...xx

Amy Cheyanne said...

We like to sleep, cook, and string beads...single mother with phlegmatic child style ;)

Your work is just beautiful.