Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is not my Garden part 2...

Certainly a coveted and lovely one owned by the talented Soap Maven. She and her family so graciously allowed us to come and visit true urban greenbelt. Pigalili is so divine with her whumps and snorts, chatting all day long to the wrestling kids and hoping for yet another apple core ( how many did Donovan Boy consume that day?) She guards the chickens from being prey to the many hungry wandering wild beasties that have loomed in the past. I may actually have to re-think the hammy Easter. The cats seem to multiply with every minute, two sets of twins later and I confirm there are actually 5 of the friendly, furry and fabulous ones! So we chat and knit and I pore over the goodies in the whimsy jars of fun stored neatly inside the studio that leads off the abundant garden of veggies, herbs and fragrant flowers. Mmmmm..

Oh this just snuck in here to show you the finished farmyard/garden that sold for $730!!!
Way to go 3rd grade, I am so proud of how this came out.

Quietly I wonder how much of my garden has fallen foul of the gophers, I'm actually scared to go and take peek at my beds right now but I'll post here for better or worse...I'm great at theory!

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Anne said...

I love the knitted farm!...:)