Thursday, April 16, 2009

Want not

Have you ever wondered why we always have grandiose plans and big ideas about things we desire when there's either no or slim chance of ever experiencing or having them? I played a game earlier this year thanks to a beautiful yogi who shared the "gifts of abundance" emails with me and gave me a great lesson.

She sent a email each day with a particular sum of money to be 'deposited' into my spiritual account. I could spend it any which way I wanted with the only rule being, that the spend had to make me truly happy and be spent in joy!

I kept a journal of how I spent the loot, and certainly on some days it was hard to spend the amounts she sent!! It really makes you think long and hard about what you would really buy, donate, or do with some extra cash. Not unlimited mind you, but certainly free, no strings, no tax, just for you! The strangest ideas came to mind during those days and some of the pretend desires really came to pass in reality, weird? Maybe not so.

I'm so full of stuff in my head I can't think straight, so I'm shopping again (online) with abundance in my heart and a deposit in my spiritual account and here's what I found in the first 10 mins...

Yep, I just noticed that too....need more restful sleep right?


maltagirl said...

oooh i wanna play too! that bed is divine!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - that bed is absolutely wonderful!