Friday, December 5, 2008

Crunch time

With so many things going on at once right now it's hard to know where to start. The crunch time has come for the upcoming Winter Faire, dolls to finish, mermaid kits to wrap, gnomes to dress, silks to dye etc etc..and of course a family home to run! The crafters at OCS have created some truly lovely items to share with the community and 100% goes to the school. The gauntlets below are a testament to that offering.

The merfolk are happily awaiting new homes and eager fingers to make them complete in some new kits, silk scarves and playsilks will be duly dipped with a spectrum to choose from, and some more felted gnome heads will grace the table and these pages as soon as I can get the laundry squared away!

mermaids-in-waiting...........for some hair to grow!
Schlomo is ready for his new home with Belfry

The most awesome gauntlets/wristies by 'Fly'

Tails at the ready..
Time for fun... Donovan Boy " Look, I'm a live Waldorf doll Mummy!"


kat said...

shlomo is very happy in his new home, though he insists we don't eat enough fried food here.

i love the gauntlets! & i love your live waldorf doll hahaha!

maltagirl said...

omg i must have some gauntlet thingys!!!! those are so pretty! who made them!