Monday, December 29, 2008


So now I'm fretting, probably about nothing, too much sugar donuts, fudge and leftovers make me reach for the seltzers but I sent my fiber art stuff in today, hopefully to be chosen for a show next year.

I changed the face somewhat and popped in another couple of pieces to hopefully join the ranks of 'recognised for a day'! Then I went to look at one of the judges stuff and see what's what and realised that this show may be just for quilters etc and my sort of stuff just doesn't I'm a little down and so have allocated that last two hours on Facebook tracking down old friends, aquaintences, who would probably rather I didn't poke them, send messages or even say hi through even the impersonal non-facebook lines of communication. However, life is far too short to hold grudges or to refuse a "hi I once knew you - do I/you owe you/me money?" I already got a "I think you owe me a VHS", from an old boat buddy ha ha!!

Sponto, an art gallery owner and one of the first people in los angeles who befriended me, played many hours of backgammon with and allowed me to be a small part of something rather cool in Venice passed away recently. There is a service on the beach on Jan 11th at 11am for those who want to say farewell.

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