Friday, November 21, 2008

Going Dottee

..with a recent swap, um..not sent yet...of a snowy dottee and this week receiving my very own dottee doll kit from the (now almost famous) Dottee Doll mistress, down under Dot Christian, I'll probably give them to the boys for Chanukah and go mad making a bunch of others to show at WF08.
Thanks for the extra special kit Dot!

This and other projects have kept me from making what is actually on the darn list. Just dreaming up stuff whilst scrubbing the loo isn't cutting it!

This show will finance the bigger projects ( tabled earlier this year) so really I should get my noggin (which aches) and posterior in gear....what to do with pressie pics of fairies, trolls and what nots...of course. Post 'em and waste some more (laundry) time on the pretty computer...

Tomorrow is the Pasadena Elves Faire and the arrival of Grumpy who loves to fly in for his favourite "UK" holiday - Thanksgiving! Yep, it's amazing what a hot Glatt turkey stuffed with chestnuts and cranberries can do for foreign visitors! This means for me of course, half a birthday cake from m&S british treats, tea and branston pickle heaven! Thanks Pa.

Just trolling around...?

Pee wee Fairy pressie...

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Anne said...

What a pretty little fairy!..