Friday, October 3, 2008

Wooly Taos

It's nearly here!!!
I'm so excited to be heading off this weekend for the annual Taos wool festival, I know I've mentioned it before right? It's really just silly to see the grin on my face in anticipation of the fiber treats in store!

ahhhh...Autumn in Taos...

Kit Carson Park is full of live animals, workshops, demonstrations and of course many hand chosen vendors, showing off heaps of beautiful yarn and roving just ready for drooling over and snagging to bring home! Coupled with the beauty of the tiny walkable town filled with artisans and the nip of Fall, I'm so looking forward to getting away for the first and probably only time this year.

With so many of my projects under way and none really close to finished (and a budget to stick to) it's always so hard to choose with my head and not my heart. Hopefully, Scissor (fellow fiber fanatic friend, who really made this all an annual affair after moving to Albuquerque) will be helpful in being wiser than last time in my desire to haul a sheep, llama and angora rabbit home to my tree house!!!

Wheelies at work during the fest...
I'll post some yummy wool pics and hopefully stories of adventures upon my return next week!!!


Sue said...

OMG! Your work is amazing and more than inspiring! Thank you for sharing your gift and showering the world with beauty!


~PhaedraPhoenix~ said...

Oh My, I'm blushing, thank you for reading..more coming later this week...just got back