Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Table that Season

Nothing is a better, soothing, more joyful activity than to bring home bits and pieces of a day's adventure or walk and place it on the table as a celebration of that day or season, or all. So many lovely things are available for nature table decoration, and you can make many things as well; small dolls, gems, crystals, roving fairies, bits of found feather or sea shore shells, pebbles, cloths, branches and flowers, or candles in the colors of the seasons.

Our table is always changing and draws the children to it upon coming home, inspires them when out and about, or indirectly made them aware of the time of year or holiday just by it's existence in our home. A wonderful connectedness results between child, the outer and inner world, rhythms, and family by this simple easily incorporated lovely ritual.

I'm always pleasantly surprised to find a new visitor made of beeswax or a special stone, leaf or stick that makes it way to the table. The offerings are so simple and yet have so much meaning. As the boys grow swiftly the wonders of nature will hopefully stay in their hearts - and on my table!
The Ocean Charter Crafting Circle members made these items for our silent auction basket
- what talented parents we have!

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