Thursday, October 30, 2008

Them Thars Apples...

So off we trundled directly east up the 10 freeway, leaving the big smoke of La La land behind us, until the tundra changed and the hills were looming. Riley's Farm was upon us and dark clouds hoovering over the mountain beyond kept the cool breeze blowing falling leaves around us. "One landed on me!" said someone in the crowd of city kids in the woods!

bobbing apples wait for the press...

freshly picked, both tart and sweet - yum!
The curious kids, got to squish apples on the old press, pump and drink water from the well, stuff a mattress with hay, visit inside a real log cabin, ride in a horse drawn wagon through the apple orchards, pick the perfect apples for lunch and happily collect acorns from the giant oaks up the road!

Our 3rd grade teacher sent a beautiful, empassioned, rhetoric that included this thought after the day was done.

"I know that the children were changed by this outing, because after the farm trip was over, we sat down in the grass before we got in our cars and as I looked at them there was an amazing sense of calmness in them. It felt like they had all drunk a delicious gulp of wonder and joy and were completely filled up."
apres press - perfect pomme compost or treat for the animals
Whether you teach at home or have your child in a more traditional school setting, you know that the passion of teaching and of leading your child to experience the wonder of learning is such a great gift. Happy Day.
covered wagon of the old west

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Carle said...

Such pretty photos!

And thanks for your encouraging words, I love HSing my boys