Monday, October 20, 2008

Wooly Bits #2

Here's a woolly bit I finished last could be better but it's a first larger 12x17" piece and done in a bit of a rush as a donation for a silent auction.

Anyhoo...are you bored yet? Really it's way too hot here to get motivated, the waldorfy winter faire is looming and I MUST make some things to show and sell!

My lovely garden is so neglected, the sun burning everything and unless I'm eating out of it, I'm loathe to waste the water on it. My silly schedule has no time before sundown to get the hours needed out there to make the soil work again and there are so many houses to look at ( dream about) in more areas than necessary...from San Diego all the way up to Calabases for goodness sakes - Yikes!

oh boy, what a horrid post, sorry. Here are some more pics illustrating happier weekends.

I think I'll start doing some highlights on other artists' work right now.... so it is my honour that you meet Marie (surname?) and she is a lovely woman I met in Taos, who is so very talented and prolific ( unlike some of us...yep that'll be me) and I wanted to share some of her outstanding work and proff that wooly faces do not need to look scary...

the jester with puppet

christmas fairy
lady with mask ready for ballReally her work is so exquistite and the details she includes, show her divine patience..thanks for the encouragement to come and teach a workshop next year..see you then Marie!


kat said...

her dolls are beautiful, but quite honestly not any better than yours. don't underestimate your talent sweets. or.. wait! are you fishing for compliments? ;-)

kc_froglady said...

your piece is very good! I love that look but must say that is the first I have ever seen anything like that! Wonderful!