Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Lesson

Well, even if you didn't vote for him or can't vote in this country ( me) - you gotta hand it to the man. I'm pretty awed by the enormity of this election and of the value President Barack Obama will bring to America, being the first real multicultural representative.

Donovan Boy ( my eldest 9yro) was so inspired by this election to see and judge for himself who he may choose to vote for if he could. We chose only to share with him the history of the country, from the sordid to the proud moments, of the electoral process and how important each voice can be. He has been so excited and so stayed up late to see both great speeches and share in the woohoo's!

I believe in the process, I want to believe in change, I believe that everyone who loves life, loves freedom and this feels like a breath of fresh air to me.

Oh, and thanks for all the free stuff or discounts offered for voting today, from ice cream to coffee and yarn!

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