Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh Buttons!

I meant to add this lot to The Shop....

...then I got too busy with all that life/job stuff (domestic goddess) and time eating things (like writing a terrible, boring blog entry). So sue me!

We are moving - for the next 7 weeks to the woody, wonderful and whacky hills of Topanga! My awesome friend (we'll call her Challah) offered us an opportunity for our family to replace hers over the Summer, while they travel to far off distant places in Europe. The Summer of Topanga begins next week! It goes something like this...We pretend we live in a large beautiful house, cook in a kitchen to inspire great food, play in a large beautiful yard complete with tire and fabric swings, love and play with Zoe Dog, discover nature walks and hikes on the doorstep and I think I can even get the Sunday paper delivered too, all while making a new art sculpture! Blissful!...guess where my Summer workshops will be, aha? See you up there!

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