Wednesday, June 4, 2008

After Glow

Just had to share these shots Little Gandalf took last week while he was singing alone and playng on the balcony. We may have to buy that boy a camera for his birthday this year!! What fun to see the world through the eyes of a child!

The show must've taken it out of me poor old bones....I was fighting a cold for two days after (sleeping like a log), hence no pics or news yet, however, it was not the grandest of outs but we learnt a lot and twas nice to be showing some stuff anyway! I may get to teach some felting to a classroom of wide eyed wee ones soon as a result of being there, so spreading the handwork love is good, right?

Also, the Etsy shop is full with some playsilkies, a couple of mermaids are still lurking although their friends already swam off! I miss them already so may make playing mythical goddess and creating creatures! Segue into the next NFEST Challenge....which is mythical creatures...I suppose I'll have to take the opportunity to felt up a Phoenix which may prove useful in many magical ways later on.....

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