Friday, June 20, 2008

Midsummer Solstice Heatwave

I haven't been this hot since I was 17! It's 88F at 11pm.I'm only a little Brit girl from the beach!
Donovan Boy desperately wanted to have his own room but wouldn't sleep alone because of the bugs living on the ceiling and I told them that some of the flying critters in the room are beneficial and they would eat all the mossies while they slept with no covers! I think I may need to do some entomology study whilst here...

Little Gandalf got his first bee sting while monkeying around outside, I didn't think it prudent for him to wait until I took a picture of the *splinter*! Once pulled, we examined the stinger quite intensely with squinty eyes and wished we had a microscope, before noticing the darn bee clinging to his back in anguish, LG was impressively brave, while I smiled into his eyes, brushing the offender away ( and promptly down the drain). We iced it (chocolate) and all is well!

The poor hydrangeas are wilting, the roses frilled with brown and the grass is a little straw-like. I'll do my best whilst here to tend the garden, I'm sure Challah would not mind too much, she did leave some giant pumpkin seeds as a hint!!

Shall we call this Pineapplelope??

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kat said...

poor little guy :-(

yes! a pineappleope! yum.