Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sapping me MOON

yes this full moon is what's commonly known as the Worm Moon but also Sap Moon in regions when the first tapping of the maple sap begins...in my case however the sapping is of my energy!

Phew, what a week so far....teaching my first workshop this year on Painting with Wool. A truly great Pesach (Passover) celebration last eve complete with singing, drinking and a very late night for the kids thanks to dear Topangites......yes still recovering, and Easter is just around the corner right before the boys and I head out to Old Blighty for a spot of puddle splashing in my home town. The word 'busy' doesn't quite encapsulate or begin to describe what's really going on here!

A mother and baby by Aurora in slight bas relief

I love that gefilte fish (yummy first course) often is shaped into an egg and the elliptical egg often symbolizes spring, rebirth, and the season’s renewal of life. Perfect.
and off they go.....

A lovely table set for revelry!

Using eggs as a holiday tradition is found across cultures. During the Jewish Passover (starting March 30), a roasted egg sits on the Seder plate. Eggs associated with Easter (April 4) are fertility symbols and reflect ancient spring renewal rites. For Christians, eggs were traditionally forbidden during Lent and always eaten on Easter Sunday.

Lovely Summer sunset by Safi inspired by our hot snap of sunshine
Peaceful breezes by the beach, caught by Brooke

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