Friday, March 19, 2010

and now....Equality!

or the Vernal Equinox at least! This Spring marks many moons of marriage for me and the Hairy One, 13 years this weekend and 3.20.2010 must be all sorts of fun for a numerologist! To celebrate , we are off to the Renoir show at LACMA as we appear to find ourselves drawn to fine art on this special day every year ( and some indian food), doesn't take a lot to please me!!

My shining heart boy's and I are having an ongoing discussion about time, cultures, and new year, as we seem to celebrate at least 3 New Year's each 12 months ( Chinese, English and Jewish) and they think this is great! So I thought this was really interesting...The astronomical Persian calendar begins its New Year on the day when the March equinox occurs before apparent noon (the midpoint of the day, sundial time, not clock time) in Tehran. The start of the New Year is postponed to the next day if the equinox is after noon. Well I'll be!

This recent doll is called Heavenly after a friend I once knew - she embodies the soul sister of the 70's with spring in abundance!
This gorgeous felted fruit is part of our 1st grade class offering of a fully stocked store at Ocean Charter Schools silent auction - which is also tomorrow, so bid high my friends, I'll see you after a while for a wet one!

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