Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something Green

15 3 2278 10.2006


The leprechaun is a cobbler but he more than a cobbler be

as he guards the gold and treasures of the many fairies wee.

More precious than the treasures is what he hides so well...

it's privacy he pleasures and hopes his shoes will sell.

To keep his magic strong and this, you never knew...

he seeks to kiss a wee colleen fair maiden, one so true.

With his ungainly image one thinks he is a shrew

and no decent fair maiden would kiss one if she knew.

And so he has to steal it and in the night he creeps

the eve of auld St. Patrick's Day one magic night he seeks.

Asleep lies the fair maiden a fairy sprinkles dust...

to keep her from awakening and kiss her, yes he must!

For in the maiden's purity there lies a heart so true

for a leprechaun to steal a kiss makes all his dreams come true.

The purity of her fair heart is truly made of gold

and all the kingdoms of the world knows this is hard to hold.

And if the Leprechaun succeeds to kiss this maiden true

his magic and his wealth increase still, he'll not share with you!

Now should he ever get him caught while kissing one so pure

his wealth and magic will dissolve and that he knows is sure!

Stealthily the cobbler creeps to steal this kiss so rare

holds his breath and kiss the cheek of this young maiden fair

This success has left a mark...has filled his heart with glee

has made him do a little jig which has awakened thee.

So in his fearful haste to flee he ran out oh so fast...

his little hat blew off his head...that hat will hold your catch!

A clover did fall from his shoe and turned into a pin

Wear this now on your lapel for good luck to come in.

Some of his gold fell from his pot and in this mortal world...

turned into chocolate on the spot for little boys and girls.

And when his cobblers feet did tread upon the land outside

the gold he'd spilt upon the ground he can't pick up or hide.

And as he watched in disbelief as gold did turn to cents

he disappeared with great relief another year past hence.

So watch now, on St. Patrick's Day the eve of which may find

a leprechaun in cobbler-wear who'll leave a trail behind.

And as you gather up the treats on this Saint Patrick's Day

give thanks for all the blessings that have now come your way.

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