Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Once in a Blue moon

The magical light of the second full moon this month welcomes the New Year of 2010! Although back in the mild sunny climes of the west now, the Phoenix family enjoyed the blast blizzard in the big apple. We were gifted with a trudge through Central Park with the local residents who were out enjoying the crispy undergrowth with sleds in tow. It was truly a most beautiful walk, the icy river sparkling under pelted flying snowballs, and we met a few frozen sno-men along the way. We spied ruddy smiling faces of those who ventured out and our winter wet hands were warmed with my favourite winter treat hot chestnuts!

Did you know? : The Aztecs made a red dye from the bracts of the the wild poinsettia bush and also used the sap to reduce fevers!

Many blessings this season to you and may this New Year be a prosperous, healthy and happy one!

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