Monday, December 14, 2009


And so to the advent spiral we go into the winter season! What a lovely way to create an inner moment of clarity in the darkness, by the offering of an apple clad candle, lit from a central point and a gradual glow illuminates the evergreen spiral. There are no actual pictures of this event since it can only be captured by the mind and soul, that is rightly so!

The Jusso stream and tree to read under

G.bye sweet nymph
The excitement at winter faire so electric, 3.5 hours of sleep, a fabulous 5th grade lecture and eurythmy lesson had my adrenals pumping for the day! My calloused elven hands are still busy making gifts and treasures, some will appear in the new and lovely, "Petals and Stems" shop at Westside Waldorf and will continue to pop up over the year I hope!

Infinity Cave Playscape

mermaids in waiting for a kit and kaboodle!

A fresh bounty of veggies fell my way when a spare CSA box was offered last week, and did I mention that we won a raffle to Mammoth Mountain!! We are so very excited, we've never won anything and have been wanting to to take the kids ski-iing for years! I feel the love, thank you!


Pink & Green Mama said...

LOVELY!!! Your wool scenes are gorgeous, I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. I made a snowy/winter day play mat for my daughters this week while we were snowed in but it's nothing compared to your gorgeous wool textures : )

pink and green mama

~Phoenix~ said...

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you found my groggy log and I hope you find it inspiring in your own work. I'd love to see your stuff and will check out your blog soon!