Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yep I know..

Straight off the workbench and into your hands! Here are some items made recently ( some are gone already). I will attempt to get more into the Etsy store by Thursday this week, but many items may well be whisked away by elves for eager little ones to play with. Please do stop by and see if there's something for you! I will be having a booth with the ever lovely Dragonfly Artisans at this years OCS winter faire Dec 12th from 10am-4pm, come and shop with all our talented artisan vendors making Waldorf items. 20 % proceeds support the school and the remainder will pay some tuition at Waldorf Institute of Southern California!!!

Partial to pears in a tree?

whimsy wands whipped and ready for magic

During this holiday season bringing light into our darkest days of winter, we remind ourselves that it is the giver who makes the gift precious. “Not what we give, but what we share, for the gift without the giver is bare.”
–James Russell Lowell, 1819–91

playscape big and small for every occasion and nature table

Put your hands and handiwork into your gifts ( or support handmade items by artisans). Make homemade gifts from the kitchen to share with loved ones and enjoy the simple pleasure of making and giving, not just doling out paper dough!
recycled sweater needle cases with felted embellishments


Amber said...

wow i wish i was on your chrissey list. These all look amazing...xxx

Bobby said...

Thank you for showing us your work. The little mushroom village is adorable. This craft work of creating toys and other treats is a great way of teaching your children the value of things. Transforming bits of material into decorations and playthings is a magical process and an experience young kids will take with them the rest of their lives.

~Phoenix~ said...

Thank you for your comments Booby and Amber, I'll post some more pics as the items become complete. My children do indeed watch carefully and with delight, as they try to guess what may appear next! They are the inspiration for many items as they share stories or think up great ideas from their rich imaginations!