Friday, January 1, 2010


Wass hail! and Happy New Year!

12 Days of Christmas by Amy Evangeline
Had to get one in today. Have you ever wondered how tired you must've been before a holiday comes along and allows you to really sleep all you want? I can't believe how knackered I was/am and have just enjoyed sleeping and dreaming a lot for the past week!

I am of course resolute about many things, but some are actually within grasp I think...

  • Giving up sugar, dairy and wheat for January - ouch!
  • Re-read all the Sherlock Holmes memoirs and stories ( last done 20 years ago!!)
  • See the 38 "7 wonders of the world" ..3 down, maybe another later this year!
  • Do a wine/art tour of Italy...I can see if this years' anniversary turns into a honeymoon can't I?
  • Renovate my kitchen
  • See some Shakespeare, and maybe play some too!
  • Complete my Getty garden series!
  • Teach my kids 5 new card games - so they'll never be bored travelling
  • Drive across the U.S and make a collection of something whilst doing it.
  • Finish a large art piece

Summer at the Getty Gardens

Winter at the Getty Gardens

What's on your 2010 list?


kat said...

my 2010 plans: going with you to italy.

softearthart said...

Hi from New Zealand, my plans are to create more needle felt wonders, I am lucky I live in a beautiful peaceful environment. cheers Marie

mommychick said...

Cant's believe it's already the second month of 2010! I started my needle felting video blog in Jan. so that was huge for me. I want to create more with my 3 boys, and visit my parents in Hawaii:-)