Sunday, May 31, 2009

Making part II

Autumnal Mother Tapestry
Really just an excuse to post the latest creations being packed up a ready to ship tomorrow...this on top of getting prepped for taking 20 kids camping and farming for the next few I crazy? Quite possibly, yes - in order for this to manifest, the laundry beastie has to be slain, yes all of 10 heads of him...thankfully DH helped ALOT, sleeping bag found and sore feet soaked!!

May I extend a huge thank you to those Phoenix Gift-ers who challenged me this month to create something special for them and sorry to miss all the usual stuff I like to do ( sleeping, eating, playing with my kids, cooking, gardening etc.).

The garden is actually doing alright, I'll post pics as soon the toms take proper root and the Mad Max pumpkin vine flowers!

I'm off to get dirty and smelly with some 9 year olds together with my trusty poems and knitting - Mary Poppins style camping , yippee!

Aura Goddess
Wall Hanging Bas Relief

Preggers Custom doll

Happy June 1st - will someone please record Conan for me?


Pam de Groot said...

I can see you have been busy these look beautiful. I did the class camp last year lots of fun, but not a lot of sleep.
Our craft group made a couple of playscapes for the school fair and we sold 1!!! yay. Thanks for your ideas and help

maltagirl said...

it all looks gorgeous! you did a lovely job!

Gen said...

The Autumnal Mother Tapestry is absolutely beautiful!

~Phoenix~ said...

well thanks gals, I hope the recipient likes it too!...

kat said...

beautiful as usual oddie :-)