Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Wonder of Workshops

Finally, I've been able to cobble together a fun felting class schedule, (may be subject to slight changes due to circumstances beyond my control) but will nevertheless keep those who choose to join me, busy, happy and creatively fulfilled I hope! Here are some quick pick dates for this Spring and Summer classes and then the full story underneath.

Just a quick update to let you know that I've listed all the workshops on my Etsy store site. It was an easier and more secure way to register with credit cards etc.

I hope this is helpful. There is no extra charge for the fees involved. - look under workshops section for those available.

April - 25th - PWS Festival of Art
May - 23rd, Felted Wool Art dolls - May 17th - Fake Felted Fruit
June - 13th & 20th - Tall Tale Tree Sculpture
July - 9th, 10th & 12th TBC Waldorf dolls - including mermaids if requested.
August - 3 sessions TBD - Fantasy Playscape
August 2-3rd speaking at the California HomeSchool -Expo

September 2 sessions TBD- Goddess Vision art doll
October 3-4 - Taos Wool festival workshop for Art dolls

This year marks the 4th year of teaching workshops in beginner and intermediate wet and dry felting projects; Waldorf doll-making, and dying ( by appointment); and is also the 2nd year to offer private workshops and professional development classes for teachers in other like-minded schools and organizations. I've had the honour of teaching recently at Seeds of Joy village and am thrilled to be teaching a class for art doll felting at the Taos Wool festival this year in October 3-4th and speaking at the Homeschool Expo in August.

A Note of Caution: This activity is for adults or older children (age 10 and up) only with strict adult guidance and supervision due to the long and very sharp needles. Do not allow your child to attempt these projects alone!

Something out of nothing workshop Classes: Spring /Summer 2009
held at locations around coastal Los Angeles and Topanga, Ca.

All workshops offered can be tailored to fit most schedules during the day, evenings or weekends.

Beginning basics felting 101: - 2 hours - $25 plus materials fee $7: - Anytime!
  • Dry needle felt 2d or 3d seasonal items i.e. small animal, mineral or vegetable! Felting 101 cheat sheet, project pattern and basic kit provided.
Sculpted Wool ART Doll - 4-6 hours -$45 plus $15 materials fee - May 23rd 10.30am-3pm
  • Here's your chance to make a captivating, magical felted wool art doll to proudly display in your home and sturdy enough for gentle child's play. The finished 8 “ doll will have pose-able arms and a sturdy firm base. Attention to detail and cover techniques for creating clothing of various styles (including shawls, aprons and accessories) and the ever important hair-styling tease tips. Bring your imagination!
Tall Tale Tree Sculpture - 4-6 hours $48 plus $12 materials fee June 13th or 20th
  • A really fun class. In this workshop you will learn how to make a 3-dimensional, free-standing tree sculpture ready for any chosen season. This piece stands about 10" tall and at the end of this session, you'll have learned many techniques for making really ‘firm’ felt using multiple and single needles and know the inside scoop for making tall pieces stand.

Painting with Wool
- 3 hours - $35 plus $5 materials fee
- Anytime, you choose!

  • Create your own unique wall hanging from your imagination, a picture, painting or even a poem. Perfect for beginning or advanced felters. We will pay attention to the nuances of ‘painting’ or layering with raw wool and how to make the roving take on different textures like water, stone, wood, flower etc. At the completion of this class, you will have a one of a kind frame-able piece of art for your home or simply use it for embellishment!

Fantasy Playscape - 6-8 hours split over 2-3 sessions - $65 plus $12 materials fee - August start date will be after Aug 5th TBD
  • One of the most challenging but satisfying workshops! You will learn every trick in the book (or close to it!) using many skills and techniques to sculpt your very own land of happy! Waterfalls, woodland, marsh, streams and nooks are all perfect hide-aways for your imagination. Bring rubber gloves, a towel and a bamboo mat!

Summer fruit basket
- 2-3 hours - $27 plus $5 materials fee
May 17th TBC.
  • All the how-to’s in the fruit world. Fake food is always fun to look and play with, you will learn both wet and dry techniques to create your own basket of favourite fruit or veg and instructions to make your own bowl too!

Traditional Waldorf dollmaking
: 6-8 hours split over 2-3 sessions - $50 plus $25-40 materials fee
July 9th, 10th and 12th ( third date can be used as a catch up or make up session).

  • Learn how to create a unique gift for any child with all natural materials and age old tips! Choose your skin, hair and face combinations to really customize your doll. 12, 16 or 18” dolls. We will cover, making a sturdy head from raw wool, sewing your own skins from a pattern or you may use a ready sewn pattern, learn stuffing techniques to ensure a long life, wig making and finishing touches. Simple clothing patterns are provided to take home.
Design your own workshop - 2 hour minimum
  • Do you have a group of friends who want to felt? Can’t make it to a scheduled class time or date? Design your own workshop for private groups or a really different birthday party with spectacular results! Create a custom class for any group of 3 to 10 people and schedule it when it's convenient for you! Prices will be determined based on length and class content.
Goddess Vision Dolls - Coming in September! Please inquire....
  • Clearing a room can reap a bounty of goodies to be used for your OOAK ( one of a kind) creation! We will transform your collection of keepsakes into a unique transitional doll. This extremely liberating class may also be used to inspire both maturing pre-teen girls and older creatively and positively express themselves. Only basic sewing skills required. Original patterns will be created and used.

Contact Phaedra(at)thephoenixgift(dot) com to schedule your class, ask questions or receive more registration information.

Recent comments from students of the 08-2009 workshops:

“Thank you so much, everyone had a great time and loved that they learned to felt!” Connie

Cat, “It was awesome! I came home feeling absolutely rejuvenated! Better than a spa! Lol!”

“By the way, the class was fantastic. Thanks, Phaedra, for all your help.” Karen B

Spectacular! I'm carrying it all over the place showing it off. Thank you so much for being an AMAZING instructor! I had so much fun and it's just beautiful. I can't wait for more classes.” L Wilde

“I appreciate your help and look forward to learning more felting techniques and tricks” Sandra

“It was great meeting you, thank you for guiding us with your talent!” Lilian

“I am always excited at an opportunity to share a fantastic and fulfilling fiber arts skill and continue to offer free community classes once a season.” More examples of Phaedra's work and musings can be seen HERE: and at her online Shop (Phoenix420.etsy).


Anne said...

Shame I live to far way.
I would love to make one of the felted trees.:)

~Phoenix~ said...

Hi Anne,

I will be getting kits together with full instructions and maybe an online tutorial or live Skype lessons as soon as I can, if that would suffice!