Friday, May 22, 2009


Making stuff takes a lot of time, energy and sometimes even some proficiency in your chosen subject matter. I'm much better at preaching and teaching than doing - but 'making' time for your soul may consume less effort than you think.

Our second family of finches are busy making babies.
(They have hatched now and are busy fighting for parental attention and food)
Donovan Boy's May making started with this crocheted Bohemian hat that he won't let me steal...

The boys making art of themselves

Making a statement

Making a custom Gnome head ( done), waldorf doll (done), 2 wool paintings and pregnant doll - still in works......


maltagirl said...

busy, busy mama! where do you find the time??? I love balboa park! many happy days spent there. I was even married in the park!

~Phoenix~ said...

I don't sleep enough!

kat said...

bah! you are too fabulous at making things.

that photo of db!!!! gorgeous.