Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Urbanites unite

The lovely "felting fabulous" women that I've met recently have given me great joy. Meeting many of you for the first time at the recent woolly workshops that cover various felting techniques I felt that I wanted to show off some of your work here too!

I will post more in the coming weeks, as others finish up work and other workshops are completed. Thank you again to those who allow me to boss you around for a short while and hopefully help you feel that happy glow when you leave with a lovely creation of your own hand!

bunny in the hole

tree sculpture with twist

Easter bunny in the works

happy owl and trainer

pink-eye owl and pet
Tall Tale Tree by Sandra

For upcoming workshops info please see the Dragonfly Artisan weblog for listings and updates...


Pam de Groot said...

This looks like it was a really good workshop. Wish I lived closer! I run a craft group at my son's school and we want to make some playscapes. I was wondering how you get your trees so stable. Is it just pipe cleaners or a stronger wire? Also is the wool you use for these romney or something else.

~Phoenix~ said...

Hey Pam, always lovely to hear from you, thanks for reading! I do have a playscape wet felting mat tutorial back from last summer if you take a look. It may be helpful, the tree's are mainly wrapped in piecleaners/chenille stems since they grab the fibres better than wire, after felting like crazy around them, they become very stable and are secure only with a felting needle. The wool is a mixture of romney and the wrapped trees work pretty well with the longer staples of merino blends too. I like the harrisville wool for the shrubbery and stones as it seems to have more texture to it. Hope that's helpful!