Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wooly Matters & Mucho Batto more

The giant punch - "this is better than a light sabre!" said Donovan Boy.
Haven't been this excited since I first discovered felting as an art form a few years ago. In the midst of putting some felting kits together for a lovely lady who attended a class recently, a knock at the door and a few giant boxes later, a very smiley-can't wait to get started-Mama Phoenix was showing off wool from the talented Ms. Prairie Farm Abi ( my partner in Terra Firma crime), and some dangerous new implements to her boys - who of course showed great interest in them only as possible weapons of destruction and not the glorious sculpting tools and endeavours that are to come!

"Can I snuggle with it mama?" Little Gandalf

On another wooly note: this poor Summer doll (being made for our silent auction last week) had all her original upper clothes ripped off and lo and behold became a preggers late spring doll...sorry!
I like her better this way

conception Heavenly art doll for Spring/Summer

Now I'm off to rush around the food shopping for a Valentines shrimp feast, delivering goodies and nipping to the post office for an Etsy run, all whilst dreaming about tomorrow when I can really get started on Terra. I'm actually quite nervous on how it'll turn out and what on earth I'm going to do with her afterward is a whole other matter entirely!

Precipitation looms

Did I mention here or only on Facebook that I'm working on a wooly R2D2 for a cub scout Star Wars basket this weekend too.. will post pics if it turn out alright!


Cadi said...

i'm loving your blog! thanks for e-mailing. the pregnant felted doll is so beautiful!!! love, cadi

~Phoenix~ said...

Oh thanks for visiting. Likewise for you too! I'll be watching your lovely stuff too!

maltagirl said...

ohhhh the new wool is gorgeous!