Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shed a Tear

Tahoe Sky

Just a quick serious one...

You may shed tears for loved ones passed, maybe it comes and grabs you from behind and you are 'hit' with an urge, the need to cry, grieve or just commiserate with those that are hurting. Celebrity deaths make us appreciate their work and the mark they left behind. Losing a parent or a child hurts so deeply you cannot bear it and your body feels like failing.

Grieving is a natural process and necessary for our bodies and brains to cope with loss. Most people are uncomfortable with the process and know not what to say or do. It's ok to say nothing, but just to recognise and respect the process. Eat, sleep and keep your hands busy.

Jamaican Rainbow

Shed a tear for those lost in the wars around the world, in natural disasters. I shed a tear for Lama, 4 year old Palestinian girl and Irit 39 an Israeli woman today. I don't know them but they represent so much of what is exhaustively wrong with the world. Those that choose to serve are courageous, brave, willing and trained to face death, these are are just a few civilians who are everyday caught in crossfire in the Gaza strip.

I could bore you with a list of those I am remembering today, from family to friends to acquaintances, but I will light a memorial candle tonight for those that have passed, for your Mum or Dad, or brother or sister or child or baby, feel them in the ether and they are never gone if we remember.

Blessings in any and all faiths, languages to you.

Road to Taos

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