Friday, January 16, 2009

Resistance is useless racing around doing all sorts of not-making-things errands (scouts/karate/music pick any or all), sweating in this heat, (really, I'm not rubbing it in, I like cold weather in winter) so have absolutely nothing useful to share, I couldn't resist showing off some more of our little crafty ladies' work. At our annual silent auction at the end of March, you can be sure to find many outstanding handmade items that will blow your mind - and possibly your budget but it's all tax deductible- so if you are in the area (land of smog and angels) and are free to come and play, please contact me and I'll send you an invite!

BTW fingers, toes and whatever else you can cross for me as I find out on Jan 19th if I'm accepted into that local fiber art show...not very sure if my work is even appropriate but I'm hoping....

OK enough blabber - on with pretty stuff..
Marie Antionette By Beth

turtle by Jody

piggy by Julie
gauntlets by Susan (FLY)

unicorn by Kami

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