Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Animals

Another great band name.....with all the excitement of Washington antics recently, my body decided to lay low with pestilence of the viral persuasion, the worst part being having no energy to really make something for days. Yesterday I managed to whip up ( thanks to coffee) these two little animals as example pieces for a couple of felting classes I'm guiding next month. Look out for more as the coffee flows and energy comes back, I can't seem to keep these critters around long enough to show, they do have a habit of skittering away but I'll try and keep them around for a month until the classes are done.

I'll be posting some Valentine treats - fat and sugar free - to grab off my Etsy shop with gratis shipping next week too, so look out for that!

For those who even care about such things, we had a jolt of a earthquake last evening here near the beach, not many of those come out this way, but that shook things up a bit over here in laid-back ville La La Land! It felt like we were picked up and dropped, but it seems there were many yesterday all around the ring of fire at around the same level of intensity M3.5 ish - it seems the world was taking a big sigh of relief that we have new leadership! tee hee!

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kat said...

beautiful work as always!