Saturday, January 10, 2009

Applause Please...

.....for the Ocean Charter Crafters Circle/Group or possibly committee......can never quite agree

Anyway, I've had the profound pleasure of being a part of this strange 'little' group who churn out some of the most awesome work (IMHO) in the woolly world of school stuff. They certainly are a talented bunch ( about 30 or more) and anywhere from a handful to a whole massive roomful can be found in the yellow house every week, making, chatting, sharing ideas, fixing problems and feeling good!

The teachers request weird and wonderful items for the classrooms, from birthday or attendance charts, math gnomes or crayon holders to every which character from folk and fairy tales you can imagine! All things here are created from supplies donated, or bought from funds raised by the crafters. They have become an invaluable part of this school, the glue so to speak. In addition, the Crafters raise dollars ( yes - in the thousands) whilst saving the school where is all the glory that everyone really deep down wants...? The highlights come as a surprise visits from a specific class who may sing for us or deliver beautiful handmade thank you cards. JOY ( & some tears)!!
yes, it's a cross section eye for the upper grades biology!

felted cannonballs and a troll to fire them, what more can I say?
This group was started in a broom closet by a few talented parents who wanted to hand-make some Waldorfy support items for the kindergarten classes. Out-of-the-closet had another meaning back then, when teachers came knocking to see what those Mums were up to, they were whispered away and handed a puppet or doll for their trouble. Fast forward 5 years (to a few struggles to be included officially in the finance scanner) we are a thriving tribe of fiber artists creating the kind of work and energy only some can imagine! Thank you!!

twit twhoo!
a few more random pics of work from some of those ne'er-do-wells!!

virgin felters make pumpkins en masse every September

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Bean said...

these are all fantastic, especially the eyeball! How fortunate for the school to have such a fantastic group of parents involved!